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Facebook timeline on chat feature

I found this new feature today while I logged in to Facebook this feature lets you go to the persons timeline directly from chat bar

This feature makes the search for a friend on the facebook very easy, you can type your friends name on search bar under chat box and click on the timeline button

Facebook is growing in right manner by this type of addons making the users very comfortable on the platform

Visual history (#APP)

Visual history is a add on app for you web history it provides the connected graphical representation of your web history . the connection where it also shows your navigation from which web did you pass on to another and from there where did you go …etc

Application is visually great and good if your web history contains only few data , here more the data more scrambled the graph look . I found it usefull only when I need to find navigation pattern which may be required to verify the bounce rate .

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Its not just Pin/Repin

Pinterest Growing its popularity day by day , it had around 11 million unique visitors in march 2012 .The Core concept of the pinterest was to pin your interest , where we have to create boards that would be categorised based on our interest . here we have to pin the blogs  , that we find interesting and add it to board of interest the url of the blog is stored under a image ,and if the people following our pins find it interesting could repin it.


But most of the users have misunderstood the pinterest concept. Most of them use it as photo sharing network, people would scroll down if they find any interesting image they would go like it and repin it, Here the concept was to lead to the “Content” through Design. Images using which we pin it are used to catch the eye balls by which the content owners could drive traffic to their site. But the effort of the content owners are half successful users are proceeding through pictures ,while the picture opens up they would take an u turn by liking it or repining it .

Pinterest may look complicated initially but once you understand the core concept of it , you would praise it and will surely propagate it around your network. Bottom line its not just pin/repin its design leading to content

Pets can talk With “PETTERZ”

Pets have always been part of happiness of humans; most Pet Guardians are really interested in meeting other pet owners sharing tips on how to take care of their pets, sharing joyful moment of their pets. “Petterz” provide a platform for these pet owners to interact with each other and share their experience and tips.

Petterz a social network for Pet owners. Started on 2009 efficiently working to unite the pet owners around the world under one platform. Opening an account is very simple with Facebook login.

Once you login you will be provided a option to add your pet and converse with it, if you have many pets you can have multiple channels through which you can converse. You can add contact of your friend who has a pet

You will be provided with constant tips on pet management , you can constantly update what your pets doing it is similar to face book’s what’s on your mind on which people on your friends list can react

On Whole Petterz is a decent platform dedicated only for pets. I Think if this platform apart from social network could adopt ecommerce, where they could sell the pet related things it may be food or any other thing Petterz can See huge inflow of revenue



(Source: socialmidiot.wordpress.com)


Neave Interactive launched in 1999 Stands Ahead by its innovative Application owning more than 50 unique apps. WEBCAM TOY Is one of its Unique creation 


WEBCAM TOY is an Web cam application developed by Neave as all web cam applications it captures picture through . but what makes it unique is it 63 different themes using which you can capture image There are option like after capturing image you can directly upload it to you Facebook and twitter profile

Where Can i find this APP?:

1) Log on to http://neave.com/webcam/

2)You can also find it in Google chrome app store